Opening Event: Genesis to Revelation

Why We are Reading the Whole Bible as our first event at the Coach House?

We have been led to read these 66 books, which combined, furnish a highly integrated message, penned by more than 40 different people over a period of thousands of years, inspired by the Holy Spirit. In this collection of books, every word, place, name, ‘jot and tittle’, was clearly placed deliberately, and, when thoroughly researched, free from preconceived or unconscious bias. This demonstrates that its origin must be from outside of our dimensions of time and space.

The reading will be undertaken in slots with no human expound or explanation of its contents, but will be read as translated by the New Living Translation, as this is a very accessible version of the text.

We are doing this to acknowledge our complete belief and trust in God the Father and Creator of all, Jesus His Son, the Saviour of the world and The Holy Spirit, our Counsellor and Guide.

In addition, we do this to underline publicly that, as for this house, placed here on God’s dedicated land, we will serve the Lord.

It is our sincere hope, that many of the wider community of God’s family, will join us in a unified stance to accomplish this privileged endeavour, with many parts working together in one accord, under one head and the blood bought banner of love for such a time as this.

Come and help us to celebrate the opening of HOPES with your fellowship, reading through the entire Bible (24 hours a day over 4 days) in 30-minute slots per person.

We hope to see you there.

To sign up now please visit

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or call the HOPES team on 07840578677


Below is a copy of our flyer for this event with further detail (please open in a new tab):

Coach House Flyer Template (Main1)