Restoration work at the Coach House started

The Coach House is currently undergoing extensive restoration work on the exterior of the building to make sure it is safe and fit for purpose for generations to come. The renovation work needed includes repairs to the walls, windows, roof and chimney. Indoor decoration has begun in the downstairs main meeting room, enabling the area to look more light and airy. We have also had a new lock system fitted so that fire regulations are all up to date. The fire alarm system has also been updated and the Green Pastures room upstairs is undergoing some redecoration work as well.

The amount of work that is needed has entailed substantial costs so far, so fundraising efforts are underway. If you feel led to donate towards the ongoing renovation work, future redecoration, various necessary repairs, CCTV installation and more, please go to (insert link to donation section of website). It is currently difficult to estimate when the Coach House might be able to open up, but we are trusting God for His perfect timing in all things. Your prayers for the ongoing building work and other current developments are greatly appreciated.